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USD $450,000
Breezy Brae 4 Bdr Home - Single Family Home
Breezy Brae 4 Bdr Home
Single Family Home

Staging Your Home For Sale

Staging your home for sale is very important if you want to sell it quickly and get more of your money in a slow housing market. Home staging is not decorating. The idea of staging a home is to make your home look more valuable and more attractive to buyers. You do not need to spend a lot of money to do it. A little effort with a small budget can bring back a very good return. Doing this right can raise your selling price 5% to 20%.

Here are some tips on how to stage your home for sale:

  1. Clean your front yard, mow the lawn, and grow some flowers or set out some plants. This will not cost you much. What your potential buyers can see first is the front yard. The first impression is very important to make buyer wants to get into the house to see more.

  2. Clean the front door. Paint and fix it if needed. This is the second thing a buyer will see before the buyer gets into your home.

  3. Make sure that your roof and eaves are clean and presentable. Power wash or paint as necessary. Also make sure that your drive way is not stained or cracked. Again, power wash or repair as necessary.

  4. Let the light into each room. Always leave the curtains and blinds wide open.

  5. Put nice air fresher to make the home smell nice. Place the air fresher in each room. Do not forget to replace the air filters. A bad smell will definitely turn your buyer off.

  6. Remove all the junk and unwanted items from each room including closet. De-clutter your house. Clutter makes your house much smaller.

  7. Steam-wash your carpet and keep the house clean.

  8. Clean each room. Nothing will be worse than a filthy bathroom and dirty kitchen.

  9. Pay close attention to your kitchen. Some very small changes can make the kitchen much nicer, for example, such as replacing a damaged or dated counter with a new one. It definitely will make the house worth much more. Other small things you can do that will not cost too much include replacing an old sink and faucet and maybe adding new hardware to the cabinets.

  10. Remove all the family pictures from your house so the buyer can imagine this home as his/hers, not yours. This is really important.

  11. Fix up your bedrooms. Put away your clothes, remove clothes from an overstuffed closet and make sure all of your personal belongings are put away.

  12. On the day of showing, place some cookies in the oven no more than one hour before your scheduled showing.